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On yer bike (well, little speakers to put on yer bike)


Cyclists have it tough. Despite taking up a squillionth of the space of a car, emitting absolutely no nastiness into the atmosphere, and having to wear Lycra, they still get honked off the roads (far too slow!) and shunted from our footpaths (far too fast!).

It’s also virtually impossible to listen to music on a bike – making the experience all the more unpleasant. Thankfully, International Dynamics Australia have come up with a genius product to give cyclists some respite: the new Podio BA-205 Bike Audio MP3 player and speaker system. This tiny little aluminium gadget clips on to your handlebars (or sits in your pocket) and plays music in killer quality, avoiding the hazard of riding with earphones in. It’s safe, weather-proof, and even comes in pretty colours. There’s 2GB of storage, but choose your soundtrack wisely – blasting George Michael whilst pedaling in your Lycra will be at your own risk!

For more information visit www.internationaldynamics.com.au.

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