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New Florence + The Machine album on its way – yay we say!

Fresh from Abbey Road studios, home of such fine recordings as The Beatles’ ‘Revolver’ and Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ comes a brand spanking new album from Florence & The Machine. Produced in full by Paul Epworth, a taster from it in the form of a song called ‘What The Water Gave Me’ is now available on iTunes (or click on the image above to see the video).

So why water? Says Welsh-born Florence, “Because in music and art what I’m really interested in are the things that are overwhelming, and the ocean seems to me to be nature’s great overwhelmer. When I was writing this song I was thinking a lot about all those people who’ve lost their lives in vain attempts to save their loved ones from drowning. It’s about water in all forms and all bodies; Virginia Woolf creeps into it, and of course Frieda Kahlo, whose painfully beautiful painting gave me the title.”

The artist sums the song up as “a captivating art-pop vision that’s as much for dancers as it is for dreamers, for ravers as for rockers, for the living as the drowned and dead-and-gone.” That’ll be all of us, then.

Watch exclusive studio footage at www.florenceandthemachine.net.

The new Florence + The Machine album is due out November 7 through Island Records / Universal Music.

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