A cooler blend of culture

Dark narrative, brilliant graphics

Cue the end of the world. The previous two ‘Resistance’ games saw the desperate battle of humankind as the Chimeran race bullied their way into existence and wiped out pretty much everything. With most of the world as we know it devastated, what remained of the human race was forced underground into small communities, left with a daily struggle of survival. A glimmer of hope arises when Dr Fyodor Malikov comes up with a plan that just might work to destroy the Chimerans.

You control Joseph Capelli, an ex-soldier, who must leave his family and carry the weight of freedom on his shoulders as he travels from Oklahoma to New York City on a gruelling and seemingly suicidal mission. The stunning graphics captivate you from the very beginning, and only get more beautiful and intricate as the journey continues. A huge plus is that you don’t have to play alone, which always seems to be the case with most first-person shooter games. You can play with an accomplice the whole way through, online or offline.

There is also a multiplayer mode with extensive levels all across the world, allowing players to find a level that makes them feel right at home. This game is a must for anyone who enjoys a good, understandable storyline that also allows you to spend time exploring for yourself, and of course, discovering upgradable kick-ass weaponry!


‘Resistance 3’is available on Playstation 3.

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