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Make your next drinks get-together an adventure

Much to our pleasure, people these days seem rather preoccupied with the bizarre. Think of such recent phenomena as ‘Dance Yourself Thin’, Independent MP Rob Oakeshott protesting on the front lawn of parliament by sitting on a giant toilet, or Kim Kardashian’s fame (well, not so much pleasure in that last one). Beneath the convoluted drudgery that is today’s media landscape, it’s easy for us to overlook the original unoriginal – the people who are different for very good reason; those who are truly eccentric.

Recently, Cream caught wind of a truly eccentric event that took place in Sydney. An organization known as The Adventurists teamed up with Hendrick’s Gin to throw a tea-party at Sydney’s Justice and Police Museum, with tea and gin served by the most oddball and entertaining of butlers from around the country who gathered to serve guests expecting more than your average beverage. Special host was Jon Muir, a legend of adventure himself having climbed Everest without the aid of local Sherpas, and having spent 128 days walking solo and unsupported across Australia, surviving only on bush tucker.

The Adventurists recently undertook an unusual event for charity: the Mongol Rally across 10,000 miles of the world’s hardest terrain in a vehicle more suited to the weekly shop (see http://www.theadventurists.com for more). 

As one member said, “We don’t want some gangly suntanned bloke from Peckham explaining how the locals cook pickled gonads while ushering us around tourist sites we saw last week on the telly. Flush your guide books down the loo, people. Join The Adventurists in our battle with an increasingly boring, sanitised world.”

Visit www.hendricksgin.com or click on the image below for more information.

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