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Louis Vuitton glorify gun handling

Perhaps not the cleverest of branding ideas, what with the recent gun shootings in Colorado and subsequent anti-gun fallout, but Louis Vuitton have been rather bold in lending their monogram and branding to Nevada-based “firearm experience” company, Machine Guns Vegas (MGV). The LV signature leather is being used to decorate the grips for MGV’s handguns, lending them a certain sense of glamorisation.

Machine Guns Vegas calls itself a provider of “a uniquely Las Vegas firearms experience”, and perhaps even more distastefully, defines the customer shooting experience as “Las Vegas on FULL AUTO” (capital letter all theirs). What it is, in fact, is an indoor gun range of at least 10,000 square feet, in which any punter can go along and learn how to handle (or misuse, really) a pistol. Most recently, MGV bragged about teaching Rihanna how to handle firearms for the movie Battleship.

“We have a real demand to cater to gun enthusiasts who also have a desire to look stylish, hence our foray into Louis Vuitton gun accessories,” says Machine Guns Vegas Managing Partner, Genghis Cohen.

The business has over US$1m worth of guns on offer to customers wanting the firearm-brandishing experience, with packages that range from such violence-glorifying titles as “the World War II package”, “the Seal team”, and even the “Femme Fatale” experience. Heck, their press release even promises that they’ll “personalize all their shooting packages to customer’s desires” [sic].

Whether or not Louis Vuitton will suffer backlash from this very odd move into firearm accessories design, we’ll have to wait and see.


For more absurd insight visit www.machinegunsvegas.com, a website whose slogan reads “Come & shoot: call today!” Or call 1800-75-SHOOT. Seriously…

Should Louis Vuitton glorify gun handling? Have your say here.

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