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Roman Coppola curates cool filmmaker competition; Chloe Sevigny to judge


What do you get when you cross a credible computing brand, prestigious hotel brand, and some of cinema’s coolest cast and crew? An clever competition open to budding filmmakers brought to you by Intel, W Hotels, curated by Roman Coppola and judged by actors Michael Pitt and Chloe Sevigny, that’s what!

The Ultrabook Experience is a series of collaborations with global brands that focuses on combining technology and artistry into experiences that represent the evolution of creativity. Its title adopts the name of new sleek, portable devices that utilise Intel technology to allows users to publish creations easily and with the speed of Intel third generation processors.

The cinematic component of the collaboration series is called Four Stories and invites aspiring Australian filmmakers to submit a short film script (under 10 minutes) inspired by the 24/7 nature of travel. The story must be set in a W Hotel and the Intel-inspired Ultrabook must play a key role in the film.

Three winning scripts will be chosen and will get to travel with The Director’s Bureau to one of the global W destinations to see their films premiere at a red carpet event (several red carpet events will be happening at various Ws around the globe).

Screenplays for Four Stories can be submitted to www.intel.com.au/fourstories.

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