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Move over dodgy taxis – UberX is here

If you’re tired of being ripped off by stinking cabs and their hidden charges (that really do add up), you’ll be happy to know there’s now seriously healthy competition on the private transport front.

Sitting somewhere between a downsized limousine service and an upscale taxi ride is Uber, a service that offers you a private car and driver for hire for a moderate fee – in comparison to heavier limo rates and often on par or cheaper than cab fare. Put it this way, an Ubur trip from Leederville to Perth CBD would cost around $7-10 – which is half of what a taxi would cost when you factor in peak-hour traffic and hidden cab fees.

The great news is Uber car-and-driver hire is now even cheaper with the introduction today of UberX.

The new low-cost option provides passengers with the same on-demand Uber service as before; in fact, UberX’s low-cost ride sharing service promises to undercut taxi fares by up to 30 per cent which hopefully will force our cab companies to bring their extortionate prices down.

Despite criticism and backlash from taxi companies – and even the Department of Transport itself which claims Uber is a ‘non-legal’ business –Uber’s and UberX’s riders are all delivered by thoroughly-screened driver partners and backed by industry-leading safety practises.

The Uber business is already very successful in capital cities as far and wide from New York to San Francisco (its homebase), Istanbul to Sydney, and now popularity of the brand is picking up big-time in Perth. And why oughtn’t it? It’s a quicker and more efficient service; far more comfortable; the drivers are nicer and better-dressed (not to mention sweeter-smelling); and, more importantly, it’s cheaper.  Antonino Tati


Download the UberX smartphone app at www.uber.com/go.

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