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Facebook to introduce new app that keeps you anonymous…

Facebook Anonymity 680 @2x

When you think about our identities on Facebook compared to our handles on other social sites, it’s bizarre to realise we’re so honest with our FB profile and yet hide behind obscure names and hyped-up profiles when it comes to the likes of Tinder, Grindr, Gaydar, Red Hot Pie, even your more ‘romantic’ sites like eHarmony, and non-dating sites like Reddit and Yelp.

Up until now Facebook has been the site where you can actually – if not were simply forced to – be your real self. But now the site will allow you to build a profile under a different name. Sure, it would have been just as easy to fake a name and make up a profile prior, but now it will actually be legal to do so.

The world’s most prominent social networking site is currently working on a stand-alone app that allows users to interact without having to use their real names. In fact they can use multiple pseudonyms (ie: no limit on number of accounts) to ‘openly’ discuss various subjects on the Net – topics of discussions which they might otherwise not be comfortable connecting to their real names.

Frankly, we’re not so sure what the point of it all is, since every other site caters for this kind of anonymity already, and since ‘not being yourself’ defeats the purpose of Facebook in the first place. Or does it?

Facebook currently boasts over a billion accounts, many of its users recently having complained over the lack of privacy since the introduction of their Messenger app (note: all apps ask for access to users’ files but Facebook just happened to cop all the flack).

Could a new app that allows “anonymity” simply be whitewashing on Facebook’s behalf, trying to settle the pro-privacy panic of its current users? If so, users ought to realise that, at the end of the day, the owner of any internet account is still entirely liable for what they say and do on the net and, indeed, at risk of libel defamation.  Antonino Tati

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