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Madonna’s new clip: the apocalypse hits, but all she wants to do is dance

Madonna Ghosttown Still @2x

Madonna debuted the video for her new single Ghosttown this morning via indie app Meerkat – and the clip is one slick little production.

Looking like it’s been airbrushed to the Nth degree, Madge looks all of 22 years of age, gallivanting in heels and a cape like she never learnt that lesson falling off stage at the Grammys.

The clip shows a post-apocalyptic scenario where streets of New York have been blasted to rubble and dust. And so what’s there left to do when the end of the world is nigh? Kick up a storm and dance, if Madonna gets her way.

Joining her in a tango or two is actor Terrence Howard who featured in such prominent films as Dead Presidents and Mr Holland’s Opus and scored a Best Actor Academy Award nomination for his role in Hustle & Flow.

We’re not certain what all this dancing post-apocalypse is about but, once again, thanks to the beauty of video airbrush, its one pretty little picture.  Antonino Tati


View the ‘Ghosttown’ clip above.

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