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Powerful fakes that have left a lasting impression

Meg Ryan @2x

We all know that honesty is the best policy. But sometimes the truth needs stretching a little.

Lots of women are guilty of the occasional little white lie. They lie about their age or about how much wine they drank at the Christmas party. Some women are very good at lying about how much they’re prepared to spend on a single pair of shoes.

But actions speak even louder than words and women often find themselves faking it in order to convince others – and sometimes themselves – that they’re the real deal.

Take Sara Chafak, who represented Finland in the 2012 Miss Universe pageant. She may be Miss Congeniality on the runway, but at the poker table it’s a case of no more Miss Nice Guy.

The beauty queen was taking part in a poker TV show called Shark Cage where celebrities and professionals pit their wits against each other for a $1 million ultimate prize.

A mere amateur at the game, Chafak outsmarted her professional poker playing opponent by bluffing. That’s right. She just pretended that she had a better hand than she really did. And she pulled it off.

A red-faced Ronnie Bardah, who at the time had cashed in five consecutive WSOP main events, believed the bluff, chucked in his hand and got stripped of his dignity.

Footage of Chafak’s bluff may have gone viral but it can’t compete with the legendary on-screen faking of a Hollywood icon.

When Meg Ryan pounded the table in apparent unbridled ecstasy across from an astounded Billy Crystal in When Harry Met Sally, she created one of the most memorable movie moments of all time.

Ryan, who played the uptight Sally in the 1989 film, was proving that women are pretty darned good at faking an orgasm. But her convincing demonstration wasn’t all plain sailing. It’s been reported that Ryan was very nervous about the scene and the first few takes lacked the necessary fireworks. But after a bit of coaching from director Rob Reiner, Ryan relaxed into the role and delivered one of her most spectacular performances.

Katz's Deli.

More than 25 years later you can relive the famous fake orgasm scene at New York’s Katz’s Deli (pictured above), where all the action took place. And you’ll find a charming sign that reads: This is where Harry met Sally.

Not all fakes are such fun.

In 2011, at the MTV Music Awards, Beyonce delightedly announced she and husband Jay-Z were expecting a baby together. But throughout her pregnancy and, startlingly, even after their daughter Blue Ivy was born, the former Destiny’s Child singer was accused of faking it. It all started when her baby bump appeared to collapse in on itself when she sat down for a television interview.

Beyonce @2x

Speculation that Beyonce was wearing a pregnancy prosthetic spread like wild fire, and celebrity gossip mongers were quick to expound their conspiracy theories. Explanations for Beyonce’s fake pregnancy included the idea that she’d secretly hired a surrogate so she could keep her figure or wanted to keep Jay-Z’s alleged mistresses at bay. After fighting the rumors for two years – including a lawsuit from a woman claiming to be Blue Ivy’s real mother and Beyonce’s surrogate – she shared a personal video of her with her husband as she cradled her very obvious bare and bulging belly.

For some people, it would seem, only seeing is believing.

And if what you see is what you get, there are millions of women out there quite prepared to mask the truth when it comes to the way they look.

Even a sweep of blush, a smear of lipstick and a slick of mascara is, on the face of it, a fake.

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