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Duran Duran go decidedly ‘pop’ with new album / art

Paper Gods @2x

While it may still be a work in progress, we’re loving the cover art of Duran Duran’s new album so far, its title confirmed as Paper Gods.

The band’s fourteenth LP will feature all-new original tracks while the cover art itself references iconic images of Duran’s past including the lips from the Rio album cover, a Chauffeur’s cap, a sumo wrestler (from the Girls On Film clip), the ice-cream from the cover of Perfect Day, and a tiger –representing their second LP Seven And The Ragged Tiger.

Similar artwork has already been used to promote the band’s new single Pressure Off which features Janelle Monáe on vocals and Nile Rodgers on production. To hear the track, click on the audio clip above, suffice to say Pressure Off is one of Duran’s funkiest and catchiest tunes in ages.

To coincide with all this ‘pop’ art, t-shirts will be made available through Warner Music’s online stores, and a deluxe edition of Paper Gods will come wrapped in embossed sleeve and is expected to include three bonus tracks and a sticker sheet featuring all the images from the cover.

Darn, where were all these trinkets when girlfriends were pining for them during our ’80s high-school years?  Antonino Tati


Paper Gods is due for release in Europe and Australia September 11, and in the US September 18.


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