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For the boys… makeup, that is

BM Cosmetics @2x

Okay, I’ll admit, I’ve used makeup on and off ever since I began socialising as a late teen. A little concealer at the very least. From Maybelline to M.A.C., Estee Lauder and back, over the years I’ve dabbled in brands predominantly targeted to women. Never had I come across a cosmetics line specifically tailored to men. Until now.

Founded by actor-turned-model-turned-businessman, Beau Mooi, the BM Cosmetics range is specifically formulated for the thicker and pigmented male skin type – also accommodating for facial hair, with each product applied fuss-free.

Being Australia’s first ever makeup brand for men, the BM Cosmetics range includes only the important stuff – a Concealer, Mineral Pressed Foundation, Anti-Aging Cream, Bronzing Lotion. And, alright then, one fancy element – a nifty Mascara.

Having tested the range for the past couple of weeks, I can vouch that results are subtle, leaving a nice matte finish and natural-looking complexion.

No longer is the notion of men mucking about with makeup a taboo one.

And to think, this is really just the beginning. Boys, get ready for an avalanche of competitive male-targeted makeup brands… but remember where it all began.  Antonino Tati


To view the range and for stockists, visit www.bmcosmetics.com.au.


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