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A bolder, brighter Fremantle Festival for 2015

Katie Noonan @2x

The annual Fremantle Festival in Western Australia attracts local and international folk alike and is revered as one of the most colourful celebrations of arts and culture down under.

The event, the oldest festival of its kind in Australia (over 110 years old) and not to be confused with the Fremantle Street Arts Festival or Heritage Festival (both on earlier in the year), runs for 10 days from October 23rd to November 1st, during which an array of artistry will be showcased including music, cuisine, theatre and the visual arts.

This year performers hail from all over the globe – from the USA to the UK, Japan, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Cuba and New Zealand. Plus a whole lot of Australian acts have been thrown in for healthy, patriotic measure.

Pop into the Pegleg Bar at the Freo Town Hall while you sip your sup and ponder a program packed with things-to-do including seeing live acts like Katie Noonan or Abbe May, joining in on a corroboree with Noongar troupe, Wardanji, or taking part in the festival-ending street parade on Sunday 1st November.  Antonino Tati


For more information visit www.fremantlestory.com.au.

Pictured, top of story, a newer, blonder Katie Noonan who appears on the program of this year’s Fremantle Festival. 

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