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Get set to get down and boogie…

Boom Bap Pow @2x

If there is one crew who know how to put on a great party, it’s Perth-based radio station RTRFM 92.1. This weekend, the community radio collective will take over Northbridge’s newest live music venue, The Boston, to present Boston Boogie! (yes, exclamation mark imperative).

As the name might suggest, the main aim is to get punters to get down and have a rollicking good time, hence live acts will be delivering old-school garage rock, ’60s-style psych and upbeat soul.

Taking to the stage will be Boom! Bap! Pow! (pictured above and, yes, exclamation marks imperative) who do a dandy job at delivering rock, pop and soul. Also paying homage to all things retro-tastic are psych-garage gurus The High Learys, and fuzzed-out funsters Catzilla.

Adding to the musical hijinks will be DJ Charlie Bucket – he of Global Rhythm Pot and El Ritmo fame – and a host of other local disc-spinners.

See playing times and venue details below.

Tickets available through rtrfm.com.auAntonino Tati



8.00pm – 9.00pm // Super J vs Microgove (DJ Set)

9.00pm – 9:20pm // Safari vs Foxman (DJ Set)

9:20pm – 10.00pm // Catzilla

10.00pm -10:20pm // Safari vs Foxman (DJ Set)

10:20pm – 11.00pm // The High Learys

11.00pm – 11:20pm // Safari vs Foxman (DJ Set)

11:20pm – 12.00pm // Boom! Bap! Pow!

12.00pm – End // DJ Charlie Bucket


DATE: Saturday 17th October, 8pm–2am.
VENUE: The Boston, 205 James Street Northbridge (Milligan Street Entrance).

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