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Crash is back!

Crash Bandicoot @2x

While a lot has happened in gaming since the dawn of PlayStation – you only need to look at how far online gambling has come, from instant pokies to Golden Bingo it’s good to see some old-school gaming characters being resurrected for awesome retro measure.

So… get your PlayStation consoles (and those on other platforms) at the ready for today Sony have announced that Crash Bandicoot will be back in fine form in October, ready to run amok amid the fictitious Wumpa Islands.

Fun fact: the fantasy islands were designed as an archipelago situated south of Australia! Perhaps that’s why spinning Crash appears to resemble the dastardly Tasmanian Devil from the Looney Tunes cartoons…

The pixelated troublemaker made his debut in 1996 on the original PlayStation, and became somewhat of a mascot for the platform.

Not only will we see a new game, but all of the first three games in the Bandicoot series will be remastered for release – oddly not in time for the Christmas rush, but at the start of 2017.

Still, the new game in the series ought to keep us content for three months solid.  Michael Mastess

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