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4 Ways To Rejuvenate Your Skin This Winter

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Winter weather is notorious for causing our skin to dry out, feel rough to the touch, and flake off due to the low humidity in the air. The chilly and dehydrating winter air disables your skin’s natural immune system by greatly reducing moisture retention and tightening your skin cells. If you would like to avoid this unpleasant skin ordeal, follow these four tips, brought to you by laser hair removal experts, to keep your skin moist and healthy during the upcoming winter months.


o1. Revitalize Your Skin By Religiously Moisturising

During the winter months, your skin loses moisture very rapidly. The outer protective layer of your skin also becomes weakened and less resistant to the damage that the weather can inflict upon it. Moisturising your skin by applying a good quality moisturiser once in the morning and once before bedtime is a highly effective way of solving this issue. A good idea would be to keep a small travel tube of moisturiser in your handbag so that you can apply some on in the middle of the day.


02. Get Those Water Bottles Filled!

Do not underestimate the power of hydration. Drinking enough water, especially in the cold months that dry out your skin is the best and easiest thing you could do for your skin. Drinking enough water keeps you both hydrated, helps retain moisture in your skin cells and eliminates toxins and other impurities that settle on your skin. Aim for at least 8 glasses of water a day. Liven your water up with a slice of lemon to make it taste better if you are having trouble keeping up with drinking enough water throughout the day!


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03. Avoid Overuse Of Your Heating System At Home

Although it is extremely comforting and cosy to snuggle up under the heater right after a cold and long day at work, it is known that heating systems soak up the moisture that is in the air which can cause your skin to become even drier, tighter and more dehydrated. It is best to avoid using the heating system in your home too much, and also advised to use a humidifier to restore some moisture into your home’s atmosphere. If you are having trouble keeping warm at home, consider using a heatable wheat bag instead of your heating system.


04. Include More Oil Rich Foods Into Your Diet

Including more healthy fats (not unhealthy saturated fats) into your diet is a good way of fighting off dry skin, especially in the winter time. Foods such as Nuts (almonds, walnuts), Seeds, Coconut, Avocados, Olive Oil, Fish and Leafy Greens are high in omega-3’s and other healthy fatty acids. Omega 3’s help purify the skin and liver, whilst helping to keep your skin moisturised and not dry. Do remember that organic and fresh sources of these foods are always the best!


Follow these four simple and expert ways to rejuvenate your skin this winter to prevent your skin from getting dry, flaky and dull over the next few months!


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