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Brain Food on the menu at Sydney Science Festival

Sydney Science Festival @2x

From August 11-21, the scientifically-minded along with the scientifically-curious will descend on various locations throughout the harbour city for the Sydney Science Festival.

The 2016 program has enough events to satisfy even the most far-out interests. If ‘particle physics’ is your bag, the Collider Exhibition will be sure to thrill; and for those who like their science a little less earthbound, TV’s premier science presenter Professor Brian Cox will be on hand to guide would-be voyagers through the mysteries of deep space.

But this is just a mere fraction of what’s on offer at this year’s festival. There’ll be panel discussions, a ‘Mini Maker Faire’ (where inventors get the opportunity to showcase their creations to the public), and outdoor activities such as the somewhat messy-sounding Science In The Swamp at Centennial Park.

If you’re looking to ignite your imagination, expand your consciousness, and sharpen your intellect, the Sydney Science Festival is where it’s at. So take advantage of what’s on offer, make like a proton and get to as many events as you can!  Chris Prindiville


Event details can be found be at www.sydneyscience.com.au.

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