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The Wonderful Wizard of Woz is coming to Oz

Steve Wozniak @2x

Whether you’re a tech-head or not, chances are you use an Apple product, be it an iPhone, a laptop or tablet device. And for the business-savvy, Apple’s rags to riches story – from a suburban garage in Los Altos to top billing on the Fortune 500 – has become an inspiration.

But for those of us stuck in the Antipodes, hopelessly isolated from the rest of the world, Apple’s greatest achievement, perhaps, has been in spearheading a revolution in communication, where the phrase ‘tyranny of distance’ no longer has meaning.

How fitting, then, that one of the men who helped build this global village is now coming to our once-isolated shores. Over five days this month (starting August 23), Steve ‘Woz’ Wozniak, one of the co-founders of Apple and a titan of the tech industry, will be sharing his insights on business, innovation and, quite possibly, the meaning of life itself.

If you see yourself as a forward thinker, make sure you don’t pass on this opportunity to hear from one of the world’s most influential innovators. After all, there’s nothing worse than being behind the times.  Chris Prindiville


Steve Wozniak Australian Tour Dates:
Wed 24 August 2016 | HBF Stadium, Perth
Fri 26 August 2016 | BCEC, Brisbane
Sat 27 August 2016 | MCA, Melbourne
Sun 28 August 2016 | ATP, Sydney

Tickets on sale at: www.thinkinc.org.au.

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