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Sarah Jessica Parker in need of a 'Divorce'

Sarah Jessica Parker carrying heavy furniture (and other baggage) on the set of new TV series 'Divorce'.

Sarah Jessica Parker carrying heavy furniture (and other baggage) on the set of new TV series ‘Divorce’.

There was a time in the entertainment industry where there was no treatment available for those suffering from a severe case of career slump. Thankfully for the afflicted, there is now a remedy. Despite being on the market for over three decades, the curative powers of this wonder drug have only recently become apparent. It’s name? HBO.

Having already benefited (profited?) from the HBO course of treatment, with Sex And The City once catapulting her to international stardom in the late ’90s, Sarah Jessica Parker has signed up for a (career) booster shot with her new series Divorce. For SJP, whose career has been in anything but rude health in recent years, this current stay at HBO is long overdue.

And the signs from the trailer are promising. The trademark HBO style is apparent, with its cold colour palette and formal shot framing, which suggests a similarly rigourous approach will be taken to the story. The casting of Thomas Haden Church, the go-to-guy for relationship dysfunction (Sideways, anyone?), opposite SJP is another step in the right direction.

Time will tell whether Divorce can restore SJP to her former glory. If HBO can work its magic for Woody Harrelson, transforming him from surfer dope to serious actor, one can only imagine what wonders it could do for a former star of the small screen.  Chris Prindiville


‘Divorce’ will screen on Foxtel’s showcase channel, express from the US, from October 11.


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