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Vita-Conscious: An Introduction To Healthy Living

Vital Greens @2x

Getting healthy doesn’t have to involve painful and agonizing changes, and experience says that just making small adjustments to your shopping and cooking habits will have far more benefits than those massive gestures. Easy swaps such as using oil instead of butter, or baking instead of frying, can end up making all the difference.

Simply adding a supplement like Vital Greens from Fourbody can help ensure you’re getting all the nutrients you need, without needing to consume a huge amount of food to get the daily five serves of vegetables recommended by nutritionists. Healthy living is about more than just your weight, it’s about your sugar intake, fat intake, nutrition and cholesterol levels. All of that may seem daunting at first, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t be simple! If you can get your head around a few simple rules, you’ll feel healthier in no time at all.

By Eada Hudes


01. I know I know… But it’s water!

Sorry. I know, you know!

Staying hydrated may not actually be the cure for all your bodily woes, but it will help keep your digestion and metabolism on track. It can also help in the prevention of headaches and other uncomfortable things that dehydration can cause. Not only that, but if you are partial to the sweeter and saltier things in life, then a decent amount of water can help flush these indulgences through your system, ensuring a minimal impact on your insides. A great way to incorporate this into your day is to just have water on the table when you eat, and have a glass in-between sodas or alcohol. This will also help with hangovers, so that’s a bonus!


02. Vitamins and Minerals

If you’re anything like me, getting healthy is super easy… for about 4 hours. The moment where I realise that I don’t actually want to eat all of that fruit I just bought is usually when things take a turn for the worst. The key to success isn’t restricting and monitoring everything that goes into your body, it’s the slow swapping of one thing for another.

For example, I love snacking! I love it so much that I could marry it, so I’m not going deprive myself when I don’t have to! Instead of reaching for that soda, I might make a delicious sweet smoothie with fruit and juice and mineral water. This goes the same for chocolate and crisps, as I reach for some dates or banana chips to quell my cravings. These are still very sweet but at least you are getting a little something good out of it! The key to keeping up a decent level of nutrient rich foods is not getting bored. Finding things you really do want to eat and changing it up as often as you can will stop those healthy choices from quickly becoming a chore.


03. Always Have an Easy Option

Everyone knows cooking for yourself can be a massive drag, so having a few things that need little to no preparation around the house is a fantastic idea. This will help combat the urge to just skip the meal, or eat something that a) you won’t really enjoy, or b) is totally out of the realm of ‘healthy’. The top two things that will help with this are; always preparing a second serve for later when you are cooking something, and having ingredients for a meal you can enjoy cold or raw. Throw together some salmon with salad or rice you prepared earlier and a squeeze of lemon juice and you have an instant, satisfying meal that’s ready to go!


04. Explore Alternatives, Try New Things

There is no one way to enjoy a healthier lifestyle, so mix and match and have fun with it. Eat a meat-free meal a few times a week, maybe try olive spread instead of butter, try new cuisines that might be out of your comfort zone. There is always a different tip or trick out there, so if you think this list isn’t relevant for you, find another one! When you are healthy it is easier to enjoy life, and if you can make it interesting and social, you won’t resent the changes.


Remember that the key to everything is balance. There is no sense in denying yourself the occasional lazy day or snack fest, as it genuinely won’t hurt (unless it becomes too frequent). Exercise and healthy habits can be fun and delicious, and if one way’s not working for you, just move on to the next. Your body will never punish you for having some water or getting a little veg, so even if it doesn’t stick this time it doesn’t mean that you didn’t do at least some good while you were trying.


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