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Grace Jones to play special live set at Potato Head in Bali

Grace Jones @2x

I’m traipsing through YouTube when I come across a Grace Jones clip that I haven’t seen in some time. The video is for her single Corporate Cannibal which, if you’ve not viewed it, can only be described as Grace Takes Her First Bump Of Ketamine And Has An Epiphany That The End Of The World Is Nigh…

High in its contrast, slick in its black-and-white silhouetting, that famous ‘flathead’ morphs into freakish distortion as Jones hisses, “Pleased to meet you, pleased to have you on my plate… You’re my life support; your life is my sport.”

The dark diva continues with the cryptic lyrical delivery: “I’m a man… eating machine. I’m a man, a man-eating machine.”

As the song’s percussion starts marching toward an abysmal, apocalyptic climax, it strikes me that the twisted lyrics and heavily digitised video are less a matter of prophecy (or science fiction) and more a stunningly blatant here-and-now example of globalisation in all its electronic beauty.

Grace is glossy and vampyric, shamelessly seductive and increasingly insistent. She is electronic pulse and primitive being in one; rhetorically demanding and physically overwhelming: not unlike the very medium I’m viewing her on. Indeed, Marshall McLuhan’s remark that “the medium is the message” never did ring so true.

Suddenly an advert pops up to the side of my YouTube window. It’s informing me that Grace Jones is booked to play the Potato Head Beach Club in Bali this October 8.

I cannot contain my excitement and with a few clicks of a mouse, I’m comparing prices for flights to Indonesia.

Oh, the wonder of the world wide interwebs…  Michael Mastess


Grace Jones takes to the tropical stage at Potato Head Beach Club in Bali from 6pm, Saturday 8th October. The club is situated at Jalan Petitenget 51B. 

Also note there is a Grace Jones after-party which, if you’re lucky, the diva just might grace you with her appearance (we’re not promising, though!). Playing at the after-party will be English-born, Los Angeles-based DJ Harvey. Tickets start from IDR 1.8 million (approx. AUD $180) and can be purchased here.

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