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Clarification over those Banksy = 3D from Massive Attack rumours


An artwork by Banksy; inset: 3D of Massive Attack.

An artwork by Banksy; inset: 3D of Massive Attack.

Over the past few days, the art and music worlds have been baffled by rumours that street artist Banksy is none other than 3D from trip-hop outfit Massive Attack. The rumours than dwindled down to something along the lines of 3D at least being a member of a group of artists involved in Banksy’s work.

This all went against previous bios of the artist where his real name is supposed to be Robin Gunningham (no wonder he’d want to change that name).

In front of an audience of 27,000 people, 3D set the record straight. Kind of. He said: “Rumours of me being Banksy are greatly exaggerated, we are all Banksy!”

Murmurs of a Banksy/Massive Attack connection began when folks begin to realise that Banksy’s street art often appeared nearby where Massive were performing.

One black-and-white image even showed 3D – who also goes by his full name Robert Del Naja – and fellow Massive contributor Daddy G. A thought bubble from 3D reads “People think I’m Banksy”.

It turns out said black-and-white image is a fake and that 3D is indeed not the artist in question. Banksy has, however, often credited Massive Attack’s sleeve art as inspiration to his work.

So to be clear: Banksy is Banksy. 3D is 3D. Banksy loves Massive Attack. Massive Attack love Banksy.

Nuff said.  Antonino Tati

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