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DIY Designs | 5 Tips For Building the Best Kitchen on a Budget


They say that an army marches on its stomach, and this is no less true when it comes to family life. So much of our time is spent in preparing and enjoying meals together that it is fair to say that the kitchen is arguably the most important part of the house, which also means that it’s the area that is subject to the most wear and tear.

From the crashing of pots to splashing water and splattering food, there is no other room that has to weather such a beating. Therefore, when it comes to designing a kitchen, it is critical to ensure that not only does it look great, but it’s practically designed to make cooking simpler, and sturdy enough to stand up to the strains of everyday use. Getting that balance right is no sweat, as long as you have a blank cheque. However, for those of us working within tight financial constraints, it is important to be smart and savvy regarding how we approach such an important exercise.


Don’t Overcomplicate It:

We all love to have the latest gadgets and gimmicks that are supposed to make our lives so much simpler, however overloading your kitchen with too many electric cooking aids, or including too many useless features, will actually detract from the efficiency of your kitchen. Before you plan it in or buy, asking yourself if you really need it will save you a great deal of money and even more stress.


Getting the Furniture Right:

There are so many options to furnish your kitchen/meals area, but it can be difficult to navigate the choice and find the right balance for you. For many, the self-assembly style furniture (made famous by a certain Swedish store) might be a great option, however, many people find this style bland and uninspiring. Designer furniture on the other hand, while visually more appealing, can very quickly break the bank. On the plus side, there are a growing number of online stores that can provide great quality products at a more reasonable cost. Check out sites such as www.brosa.com.au for an example of beautiful, fresh designs at a realistic price point.


Watch the Fittings:

A surprising amount of costs can be hidden within the fittings. Things like door handles, knobs and catches are all part of the equation that can easily contribute to a budget blow-out. Choosing decent quality, non-metal fittings that are attractive, practical and durable will help you save a packet.


Careful with the Worktop:

It is definitely tempting to splurge on a great worktop, given how important this item is to how we cook. However, there are certainly ways that we can limit costs on this oft-pricey piece of our home. Choosing an attractive and solid worktop is crucial to the kitchen experience. While it would be great to have marble, granite is much cheaper and does the job with more than enough style to make it a viable option. Reducing the thickness of the slab to 20mm will still be more than adequate for your daily kitchen needs, while also saving even more on costs. If you’re worried about it looking a little flimsy, simply have thicker edging installed to make it look more substantial.


Use Smart Storage Solutions:

Storage is always one of the trickiest factors in designing a kitchen. There are just so many ways to create ingenious yet simple and inexpensive storage ideas for your kitchen.

There are certainly plenty more ideas out there, but follow these simple tips and you will, without a doubt, be well on your way towards creating your dream kitchen at a cost that meets with your lifestyle.


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