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A delicious new treat for lovers of sweet-meets-savoury desserts


Woolworths may have taken the sweet-meets-savoury foodie phenomenon a tad too far when they unleashed their ‘Breakfast Is Served’ ice cream, blended as it is with butter and biscuit flavoured ice cream, maple apple and maple bacon flavoured chewy toffee – but we’re thankful they bit the gourmet bullet.

We do, however, feel they’ve left out one key ingredient to make it a modern breakfast proper and that is the avocado. We figured why be limited to just spreading the avo love on toast with Vegemite, when you can make a meal of it and add dollops of it to Woollies’ decadent ‘brekky’ in a tub.

Simply pop three scoops of the delicious ‘Breakfast Is Served’ ice cream into a bowl, add a scoop of your favourite avocado dip (yes, we’ll let you make it from scratch if you’re so inclined). Sprinkle a little sugar and a touch of rock salt on top to give those taste-buds a tease of the big flavour to come.

#Nomnoms.  Antonino Tati




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