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Moby ups the beats per minute for latest electronic project…


Forget Phillip Glass. Moby & The Void Pacific Choir are where it’s at right now. The electronic guru has devised a fresh ‘choral team’ of sorts to inspire him to create the zippiest synth-laden soundscape in the form of new album These Systems Are Falling, set for release October 14th.

First single Are You Lost In The World Like Me? is at once in-yer-face and vulnerable, upping the beats per minute to that style previously delivered by Moby in his early Nineties phase. Check out the lyric video, above.

Despite the uplifting melodies, the lyrics are very dark. Read: “Our best choices are killing us… We’re destroying the world, and we’re still miserable… Fat, sick, stupid and anxious are no ways to live… Change or die”. Deep words indeed; so we wonder what the likes of Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson would make of them?  Michael Mastess


The debut album by Moby & The Void Pacific Choir is out October 14th October through Warner Music and is available for pre-order now. Full tracklisting below, lowercase lettering apparently imperative.



01. hey! hey!
02. break. doubt
03. I wait for you
04. don’t leave me
05. erupt & matter
06. are you lost in the world like me?
07. a simple love
08. the light is clear in my eyes
09. and it hurts

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