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The devil is in the details: Stones impress at Desert Trip; release new album

In 2012, the Rolling Stones celebrated a most impressive landmark: 50 years in the music business. Now that’s big biccies for any band. But for a crew that has partied particularly hard from the get-go –literal Rolling Stones gathering no proverbial moss – to have survived 50 big ones in the biz borders on the phenomenal.

The band have made their mark on pop culture not only through their epic music but via a long line of notoriously bad behaviour. In fact, the likes of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards epitomise the ‘sex, drugs and rock’n’roll’ life, often pathetically emulated by latter-day musos, from the Stone Roses to the Strokes, and every primal screaming wannabe in between.

As if they needed testament to this fact, the Rolling Stones performed a killer set at Desert Trip over the weekend, with Mick Jagger and Co pulling out all stops to satisfy fans. Every gyration of Jagger’s – from hip swivel to limp-wristed fling – was value for money for punters who’d paid up to two grand for a grandstand seating.

But it were the crowd in the General Admission area who appeared to have the real fun. Even the older codgers (or ‘OldChellas’ as they were affectionately being dubbed by the media) abandoned their mobile deckchairs for a bit of a shake, rattle and roll.

In a timely fashion, the Stones this week release a brand new album titled Blue & Lonesome, a couple of the tracks having been treated to guests of the Desert Trip gig.

More Desert Trip reviews to come!





Over the Rolling Stones’ 50+ years, journalists have amassed plenty of material to fill both credible music mags and tabloid journals, but none more prolific than music journalist Hanspeter Kuenzler. Thanks to online publishers, eBook People and parent company, The Interview People, Kuenzler’s work on the Stones, and the work of many other a credible journo, have been collated and republished in 50 Years: The Rolling Stones – Views from the Inside, Views from the Outside – an immense two-part collection of the best penned material spanning the band’s career.

The eBooks include feature articles from the reputable likes of Rolling Stone magazine (of course), The Daily Mail, and Daily Express – with everyone from girlfriends and wives to the lads themselves getting a word in.

A massive digital tome, the eBooks come in at an unprecedented 2000+ pages with over 150 images each, many of which have not been previously published.

“It’s not only a journey through 50 years of the Rolling Stones,” says publisher Matthias Würfl, “but also the history and evolution of music, press and western society of the last half century.”

When once asked about he and his band’s consistent comebacks after all the hard knocks, singer Mick Jagger said, “Anything that is worth doing is worth overdoing.”
Can’t get no satisfaction, indeed.  Antonino Tati + Simone Harle


The Rolling Stones’ ‘Blue & Lonesome’ is released through Polydor Records worldwide on December 2nd, 2016.


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