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Trivial Pursuit gets a millennial makeover


There was a time, way before the Internet, Cosplay, PlayStation, X-box, and Pokemon Go, when boardgames were the most entertaining way to while away the hours with your buddies.

The introduction of Scrabble in 1931 and Monopoly in 1934 finally gave kids something to do other than play with their yo-yos and brownie box cameras.

Come the 1960s and ’70s, even games once played with pen and paper were committed to the format of the boardgame, from Tic Tac Toe to Hangman.

In 1979, a game arrived that provided far more stimulus than drawing noughts, crosses and naff little stickmen. It was Trivial Pursuit and it enthralled players of all generations (well, perhaps not kids under eight more concerned with looking after their Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls), posing questions on topics that ran the gamut of sports, entertainment and the flourishing new worlds of technology and advertising.

The popularity of Trivial Pursuit has had its ups and downs over the past four decades but recently, the game’s owner, Hasbro, noticing a resurgence in the popularity of trivia – from pub trivia nights to trivia apps and quick Q&As on Facebook – decided to scrub up the content of the game and give it a glossy post-2000 makeover and shakeup.

Enter a brand new Trivial Pursuit: 2000s Edition, released just in time for Christmas.

Alas, the original trivia game has been repackaged and relaunched to test trivia buffs’ knowledge of the Naughties right through to the present day, with some good old-fashioned subjects scattered throughout.

The new boardgame features questions on subjects across the full spectrum of popular culture, from Angry Birds to Adriano Zumbo, international references to local ones.



New, too, to the game is the ability to pass on a question. If a player doesn’t know the answer to something, that’s okay, they can choose to ‘stump’ their opponents with the same question. If that player answers correctly, the original player still scores the wedge, the first player to collect every colour wedge and answering one final question correctly, of course, winning the game.

Not just for know-it-alls, the new Trivial Pursuit ought to be seen as a brain-stimulating alternative for Gen Zedders who might like to take a break from all the aforementioned digital hoopla, while also bringing back brilliant memories for those of us that grew up with the original boardgame in the first place.  Antonino Tati


‘Trivial Pursuit: 2000s Edition’ is available at major retailers listed nationwide for RRP $39.99.

Visit www.hasbro.com for more information.

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