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How To Solve Temperature Issues While You Sleep

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Looking for solutions which will help you sleep at the most suitable temperature can help diminish all your body ache as well as improve your quality of rest. Studies have shown that the most ideal range for good sleep lies between 16-21 degrees Celcius (60-72 degrees Fahrenheit), but it can vary from person to person. Apart from that, you must also choose an ideal mattress which matches with your room temperature or is suitable for you during unfavourable weather conditions.

Like if you are planning to buy a mattress in the Gold Coast or anywhere in Australia, there are plenty of things to keep in mind. Your new mattress must be able to adapt itself well as per the weather conditions over here. Here are some useful tips to be kept in mind.


Use cotton / bamboo sheets

100% cotton or bamboo sheets are just perfect to use during those hot, summer nights. They draw the moisture off and offer high breathability factor.


Avoid polyester and other synthetics

You should use lightweight covers for your bed, designed using natural and breathable fibres. Just avoid using polyester and other synthetics as they can catch heat.


Choose your mattress wisely

Settle for a mattress which is well known to offer coldness. Consider an innerspring or coil mattress without a foam padding, a plant-based memory foam mattress or a waterbed as best examples.


Don’t cover your body fully while you sleep

Always keep a part of your body uncovered as you sleep. As your blood will circulate, it will cool the rest of your body.


Use natural wool, natural silk

Mattress pads, covers and toppers designed using natural wool or natural silk can draw the moisture off, keeping your body cool in summers. By the way, it also helps you stay warm during winters.


Use a couple layers of bedding

It is advisable to use a couple layers of bedding, for example a thicker top cover along with a lighter blanket. In case you feel warm you can easily peel back the thicker layer, instead of remaking the whole bed every time.


Yes, dual models are available!

If you and your partner like different temperatures, you should definitely go for dual models as it allows each individual in choosing different temperature settings.


Go for different types of comforters

You can try different types of comforters as per your preferences. A hot sleeper can go with a lighter-weight comforter, while a cold sleeper can go with a heavier one.


There are certain points you should keep in mind if you are going to buy a mattress, comforter or any such bedding accessory online. Firstly you should only go to a authentic and well reputed website for purchasing such items. You will also find some really original reviews over there, posted by their certified users. You should check all the warranty policies before making a final decision. Try including the in-home trial feature in your deal if you are buying a mattress online. While availing this feature you can try a brand new mattress right on your own bed, at your house before you buy it for no extra cost.

These are some really important and useful tips that can help you in finding solution to your sleep temperature issues. Try them out this season for a healthy and fit life!

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