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Three side-splitting Fringe World productions you’ve got to see…

Erotic Intelligence for Dummies Helen Cassidy cream magazine @2x

Saturday night was a busy one at Perth Fringe World with Cream squeezing in three shows – each of them as hilarious and side-splitting as the next. If you’re in Perth, for some brilliant comic relief (and fine singing to boot), check out any one of these brill productions…  Antonino Tati


Erotic Intelligence cream magazine @2x

If you had to pick one subject that has the biggest inspiration on Fringe World, it’d have to be sex. Be it saucy or sordid, sex sneaks its way into all manner of productions this year – from burlesque and cabaret to comedy, karaoke, even game-shows. If you want pretty much all five of the aforementioned, you’ve simply got to see Helen Cassidy’s one-woman hilariously enlightening show ‘Erotic Intelligence for Dummies’. The performance starts off with Cassidy (pictured above) taking the audience back to her pubescent years, when all she had for sexual relief was an inanimate toy koala bear whose button-nose regularly finds its way down to her nether regions. What follows are the wild and wicked anecdotes of a woman who can’t seem to shrug that teddy bear fetish, to the point of having to even dress up as one to get off later in life. THE BIG ORIGINAL MOMENT: When Cassidy hands a giant bedsheet to the audience – with all 70 members of the crowd ultimately finding themselves under it to experience the biggest group “love-in” since John and Yoko’s back in the ’70s.


Ginger & Tonic cream magazine @2x

When we first heard the name of singing group, Ginger & Tonic, we imagined typical divas leaning over a baby grand, gin-infused cocktail in hand crooning the same old standards. Nothing could be further from what Ginger & Tonic actually do. This awesome foursome perform fully original a capella songs, albeit with a little voice boom-boxing thrown in for percussive effect. The subjects are those that most girls get to about over coffee and cake – from biological clock-ticking and modern miscommunication to financial independence and career success. The difference here is that the subjects are tackled with much humour, brilliantly played out between original songs about each issue. THE BIG ORIGINAL MOMENT: Dedicating an entire song to a MasterChef contestant that one of the singers has the absolute hots for and keeping it as catchy as – even if you didn’t know who Shannon Bennett was.


One Hit Wanda cream magazine @2x

We’ve all been to karaoke and made utter fools of ourselves, but nobody pulls off the lowest-of-low singing artforms as stylishly and cleverly as Cinzia Lee. Dressed to the glistening nines and looking more like a supermodel than pop-star wannabe, Lee takes songs from one-hit wonder bands and turns them into absolutely stand-out covers. She refers to herself as a bit of a “song assassin” but what we witnessed of her belting out ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’ is more ‘killer’ than ‘crucified it’. The songs are laced with seedy anecdotes of Lee’s past, making it part song / part memoir / 100% entertainment. THE BIG ORIGINAL MOMENT: Demanding that an elderly guy in the audience buy the girl a drink, then when he does, gives him a lap-dance. It looked like the ol’ guy was going to have a heart attack.


To book these shows and more head to www.fringeworld.com.au.

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