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Unbridled Success: The Beginner’s Guide to Wedding Catering

Unbridled Wedding setup @2x

Catering for big events can be a crazy, busy job, especially when it comes to weddings.

These can be high stress and high strung events where every little detail must be taken into consideration. If you’re catering for a wedding, there are many things that need to be considered, such as where will you make the food? Whether you’re using your own kitchen or renting from commercial kitchen equipment online by Butler. There is no doubt that, if this is your first time catering for a wedding, you may need some tips to get you through. So, here are some helpful ideas to help you through the hurdle of catering for your first wedding.



Couples that are planning their wedding are looking for nothing but the best, yet are still conscious of the cost that everything can amass. There will be budgets that need to be worked with, so try to keep your prices reasonable for both your business and your customers.



Make sure all guests have made their allergies or dietary requirements known before setting a menu. If your customers have already chosen a set menu, make sure you are willing to be flexible to change food for certain guests. Be sure to cater for all diets and allergies with enough range on offer for people who cannot eat what the majority of guests will be able to, so they don’t sit there with half a meal and a bitter taste in their mouths.


Taste Testing
Offer taste testing for your customers so they know what they’re buying before the day.
If they are first trying the product on the night of the event, you run the risk of them not liking the food or something going wrong with the service due to both parties not completely knowing what the other one is expecting or doing.



When it comes to wedding celebrations, presentation is extremely important.
Often these events go by the typical formal style and presentation you would expect, but occasionally you will come across a themed wedding. You may be able to match the food to the theme, but if not, a simple elegant presentation will always be appreciated.



Often couples have their own ideas with how they want the food to be served, how it should be presented, and what will be on the menu. If you already have your set ways on how you do these things, be willing to be flexible for your customers so you can both meet in the middle, but don’t forget to still keep a bit of yourself in the work you are putting out.


Finger Food

When it comes to parties, people usually eat a lot of food.
Weddings last for most of the day and can go through the night, so it is no surprise that you will come across some hungry guests. Keep the finger food flowing all night to keep the guests and your customers happy. Have a selection of small dishes that your waiters can circulate throughout the party in between the meals, so guests aren’t left hungry and the couple can be happy with the fact that they have chosen to work with you.
It is no doubt that weddings are one of the most stressful yet happy events in a couple’s life, and you are there to help make a small portion of that easier for them. Be supportive and helpful with your ideas and input with the food whenever welcomed, don’t be afraid to put out new ideas towards them and don’t be offended when and if they want to change some things about the menu you are offering.

Remember, this is their day, so you are there to help keep everything happy and take some stress away from the couple, even if it is just one section of the wedding.

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