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Zeppelin Was A Cover Band: a rock and rollicking good time

Zeppelin Was A Cover Band fringe world cream magazine @2x

When you come to a venue called ‘The Shambles’, you have a suspicion that you’re in for something a little rough around the edges. But true to form, it’s the rabble-rousing Canadians who have flagrantly defied convention by putting on a show that reeks of enthusiasm and effort.

With their award-winning show Zeppelin Was A Cover Band, producers Stadium Tours have committed the crime of giving a damn. In exposing audiences to the ‘real’ history of rock music, the show manages to implicate us in an even greater crime: that of learning something.

Combining passionate intensity with moments of pure intellectual insight, ‘Zeppelin Was A Cover Band’ is not your run-of-the-mill Fringe show. And all of this delivered by just one man – with master of ceremonies Stefan Cedilot guiding audiences through the muddy waters (ahem) of American rock’n’roll history in a 75-minute blaze of glory.

This is the sort of show that is sure to have you going back to your old records with a fresh and deepened appreciation. Getting a musical education has never rocked so hard. Chris Prindiville


‘Zeppelin Was A Cover Band’ is on at Perth’s Fringe World until February 5.

For event details and ticketing information visit www.fringeworld.com.au.

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