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Kylie @2x

When it comes to life on the road, there aren’t too many people who can claim as many miles as a musician. Whether you’re an up-and-comer or a bona-fide star, travelling – and plenty of it – simply comes with the job.

Now, thanks to package holiday specialists TravelBird, we can gauge just how many miles our favourite performers are racking up over their careers. The study involved 36 of the world’s favourite artists, ranking them according to the greatest number of travel miles accumulated. In addition to this, TravelBird has also calculated how much it would cost an ultimate superfan to have followed each musician throughout their career.

With the results now in, we find DJs Tiësto and Paul Van Dyk in the top two spots, followed by rock legend Bob Dylan, metal-head fucksticks Metallica and the very cool Aerosmith.

The rankings also show that Beyonce has more tour miles than Jay-Z, Rammstein outperforms Justin Bieber, and Cyndi Lauper tops Snoop Dogg. Interestingly, too, the results reveal that the years an artist has performed does not always mean they have travelled further, with the top two farthest-travelling performers having been active since the 1990s or 2000s, beating the likes of those who have been performing since the ’60s, ’70s or ’80s.

Alt-J, for example, has racked up over 515,000 miles since 2007 while Kylie Minogue has only earned a paltry 385,000 miles since 1979, according to TravelBird. Still, they’re bigger digits than yours and mine.

So the next time your favourite performer comes to town, make sure you raise the roof. For the travel-fatigued musician, there is surely no better energy boost than that.  Chris Prindiville


The full results, along with the methodology, visit TravelBird’s official landing page: www.travelbird.nl/most-travelled-musicians-ranking.

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