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Universal Understanding: 6 Ways to Broaden Your Perception of the World

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The world is impossibly large and complex.

The human mind is incapable of comprehending the full scale of what it means to have 6-7 billion people living on earth, each with their own lives and complexities; it’s too much. Instead we can try to connect ourselves to the many other members of our species via shared experiences, such as a country that we spent a few months in during our 20s, or that cruise you keep thinking of going on but you’re not sure you want to spend more than a few days with dozens of people like your grandparents. On the other hand, any education consultants in Melbourne will tell you that travel is the key to a broad mind.


Travelling the world is a great way to see and appreciate all the ways in which human culture has thrived and adapted to the various geological differences spread across our planet. The radical differences from the plains of Africa to the middle of New York, to the bustling and busy streets of New Delhi can really make you appreciate the ways in which your life is different, and wonderful.


Immerse yourself in culture.
Think of culture like a hot bath, and all of your preconceived ideas of the world are like the dirt on your skin after a hard day’s work. That hot bath will wash that dirt away, leaving you clearer and more sure of yourself that you’ve been in a long time. Culture is wonderful when it comes to peacefully dissembling negative ideas about the world, and there’s no such thing as an excess of culture to anyone.


Go through hardships. I know, this sounds like terrible advice, and truly it is, but befriend and help a person through hardships. This is unlike anything you’ve ever done before, and you will hopefully never have to deal with hardship again because those times in our life are hard, but it’ll show you who you are, and allow you to gaze upon the scope of the world with your eyes open.

Meet People

There’s nothing quite like meeting people to really illustrate the differences in humans across the world. There is also something comforting about finding a fully functioning adult that is incapable of cleaning up after themselves, and underage single parents that are managing to see the world through hopeful, powerful eyes. Nothing can convey the strength and presence of human spirit like meeting people from all walks of life and finding out their philosophies.

Try New Things

As well as travelling the world, meeting new people and experiencing hardships, just trying new things is very important in a worldly sense, because it breaks habits. Start off small, with things like getting your coffee black instead of with milk, or walking a different way to work, or going out on your own more often. Adding things to your days can do wonders for seeing the world in different lights, which is a big step towards broadening your perceptions.

Open Your Mind

Everybody makes mistakes, everybody forms bad opinions from time to time, and that’s okay.
The thing that separates us from people who harbour hateful thoughts and feelings for little to no reason is our ability to understand, empathise, and overcome these emotions to bridge gaps where once there was animosity. Opening up your mind to the reality that you won’t always be right and you won’t always be good is the first step to minimising those unfortunate incidents.
With these tools of self realisation, you stand to increase your understanding of your world as a whole, and therefore, your own self too.


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