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Having its roots in the late 1990s when the internet was only just starting to take hold of our busy enough lives, the idea of cocooning shows no signs of letting up. It becomes a particularly popular phenomenon in the winter months, and with those being only weeks away we figured it time to take a look at the cosy concept once more.

As the name implies (in case you’ve had your head in the sand over the past, well, ages), cocooning is all about retreating in your own abode, kind of like hibernating but doing things; alone on your comfy sofa, armed with a bowl of #nomnoms, a batch of old magazines, Netflix at the ready, or your PC/tablet at hand.

Those last two tools are central to the consistent rise of cocoon culture: if computers and tablets can keep us in contact with the outside world without having to get all dressed up and running about the place, why would we want to leave the comfy confines of home? Mobile phones, meanwhile, make this communication even easier, allowing us to keep tabs of what everybody else is doing even when we do venture out.

But back to homebase, there’s a multitude of things-to-do when snuggled up on your couch besides bingeing on Netflix and chill. You can go go head-to-head with a gamer on the other side of the globe and never have met them face-to-face, keep track of your favourite sports without stepping foot out of your own yard, even complete an entire degree in communications without physical contact with anybody. You can even try to make your own history through betting sites.

While you might break out into the occasional FOMO fret, you’ll get used to your own company. And remember, getting to love yourself is a good thing.

The only other thing is, you’ll want to be sure you’re surrounded by as many creature comforts as you can get your mitts on: the comfiest couch, cosiest clothes, only the best food in the fridge and some quality bevvies… Oh, and maybe a pet dog, in case you begin to really miss that physical connection…  Michael Mastess

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