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The Torn Tourist: 6 Unique Ideas For Your First Time Visiting Australia

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Australia is a massive and unique country.

It’s also a pretty far journey from almost anywhere in the world, so if you are making the trip you will definitely want to make the most of it. There are all different types of cities, landscapes and adventures to be had and whether you want to dive in the Great barrier reef or explore Perth on a motorcycle with Nevermind Adventure, Australia is sure to provide something for everyone.


Swim with the sharks

Sure, everyone that comes to Australia goes to the Great Barrier Reef to dive, snorkel or swim with the fish, but if you want a little more of an adventure, try swimming with the sharks! Most states in Australia offer some sort of shark diving whether it’s up close and personal or in a cage with the more dangerous ones.

Road trip around Tasmania

Australia’s southern island state is best explored by car.
Tasmania has plenty to offer, with fresh foods, amazing scenery, historical sightseeing and the Aurora Australis. You can go to the beach at the Bay of Fires, gather fresh food from the Tamar Valley, hike along Wineglass Bay and see the convict settlement in Port Arthur.

Take a dip in the Mornington Peninsula hot springs

Do you want to scheduling a break from your adventure to rest and relax?
Head to the Mornington Peninsula for a few days of beaches and hot springs. The Peninsula is about an hour drive outside of Melbourne and a welcome retreat. The hot springs make use of the naturally flowing hot water found deep underground and you can arrange for both private or shared baths.

Ride a camel on the beach in Broome

Why not take a sunset camel ride on the beach?
There’s also plenty of other things to do in Broome while you’re there, including visiting the beach during the day and definitely explore the Kimberley region.

See one of Australia’s pink lakes

Yes, that’s right. Australia has not one, but multiple pink lakes ranging in shades from a pale pink tinge to straight up Barbie pink. Some of the lakes you can see up close on foot, but others you can only see from above on a helicopter ride.

Either way they are very cool to see. The lakes are generally very salty (think Dead Sea salty), but are also generally safe for humans. The pinkest of the lakes, Lake Hillier is located in Western Australia. Scientists don’t actually know why that lake is pink, but it is assumed its from certain species of bacteria that really like salt.

Explore an underground outback town

The Australian outback is pretty well known to tourists but not many people actually live there due to it being incredibly hot. However, the mining town of Coober Pedy set out to solve that problem by building most of their town underground to avoid the heat. About 50-80% of the town’s residents live underground. The town is on the way to Alice Springs so you should stop and explore the underground dwellings.


There are so many things to do in Australia that this list is only just scratching the surface. The best part about traveling Australia is that there is something for everyone. The country is so diverse that no matter what you like doing on your vacation, you are sure to find it in Australia.

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