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MTV wonders if the kids are alright

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“Kids today” – it’s a phrase we’ve all heard when it comes to talking about what is wrong with society in the modern age. But how many of us actually do anything about it? Or even – god forbid – talk to these horrid creatures we call young people. Thankfully, MTV is just that someone (well, something).

By exploring common and relatable issues affecting young people today, MTV Australia will attempt to answer that all important question: ‘Are Millennials Fucked?’

The cross platform content initiative was launched on March 15, with a Facebook chat with ethnographer and change activist Simon Sinek. Millennial writer, DJ and radio presenter FlexMami sat down with Sinek to discuss his viral video, The Millennial Question, which has received over 44 million views on MTV Australia’s Facebook page alone. FlexMami candidly asked Sinek about parts of his millennial question response that resonated the most with viewers online and nearly broke the internet for a day.

Following on from its Facebook debut, Are Millennials Fucked? continues from 27 March as a four-part fortnightly on air, online and on social series hosted by MTV Australia presenter Sam Taunton. Here, Taunton will probe the topics and common assumptions about the millennial generation including social media addiction, ‘ghosting’ in relationships, the comparison between millennials and previous generations, and the pressure to succeed before the age of 30.

If young people are our future, then surely we should hear what they have to say… we might just learn something.  Chris Prindiville


For more information visit www.mtv.com.au and the MTV Australia Facebook page. 

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