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Where would modern communication be without the humble emoji? This byte-sized image has become the ultimate way of signing off when sending a text message. But like everything else these days, the emoji continues to evolve and expand at a startling pace.

With Emoji 5.0, a whole new – and ever more specific – batch of images have been released – 69 of them, in fact – ready to be seamlessly woven into our modern-day missives. In this latest round, images of mythical creatures feature heavily, along with a set of more diverse faces, including a woman wearing a hijab and a breastfeeding mother.

While all this might sound fine and dandy, some emoji releases have not been without controversy. Just recently, the gay dating app Grindr got itself into hot water after what was believed to be a crystal meth emoji included as part of its raunchy Gaymoji series. The capital T emoji was thought to refer to “Tina”, a street name for ice, a drug that has become associated with a dangerous and risky lifestyle in the gay community.

Emoji 02

But despite these sort of concerns, emojis are not going anywhere anytime soon.

When it comes to making a mark in your text messages, sometimes all you need to do is leave a mark within them.  Chris Prindiville


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