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(The new) life of pie


We’ve got to hand it to Jesters Pies: they’ve taken an otherwise rather oridinary Australian icon and turned it into something altogether new and exciting, daring and delicious; enough to make you want to #nomnoms next time you enjoy one.

Recently, Jesters put it out to the pie-loving community to come up with some unique new pies with hundreds of entries flowing in and the winners recently announced.

First out of the oven is the Chicken Parmi Pie, invented by Jenny from Waikiki, WA. Made with tender crumbed chicken breast, creamy mashed potato, a rich Napolitana sauce and tasty cheese, the creation sees two Aussie pub favourites melded into one. And that can only mean yum!

Life of Pie

Runners-up in the SuPiestar competition are Mitchell’s Lamb Lunch, Jodie’s Mexican Beans, Rachel’s Hawaiian Pizza, Victor’s Mac’n’Cheese, and – for dessert! – Sarah’s Rocky Road.


Jesters have 33 stores across WA and after having tasted the delicious Chicken Parmi Pie, we recommend you get thee to one of them and scoff down some deliciousness quick-smart.  Antonino Tati


For more information visit www.jesters.com.au.

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