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Aussie music in unchartered waters

Sia cream magazine @2x

When it comes to pop music, it seems Aussie fans prefer it didn’t come from the land down under.

Just this week, the ARIA charts found space for just two – that’s right, two!- Australian artist entries: Waves by Dean Lewis at #16 and Bliss N Eso’s Moments at #30.

It begs the question: what is up with the music industry in Australia? While there is strong support for local acts on the live scene, our appetite for homegrown pop music is just not there.

Globalisation might have something to do with it. But it is too easy to dismiss this problem as a purely financial one. Sure, Aussie artists can’t compete in terms of the money splashed out on big overseas acts, but this has always been the case, and that never stopped fans going out and supporting the local scene.

Earlier this year, local-boy-done-good Bob Evans spoke to Cream about this worrying trend in pop music. And he, like the rest of us, is concerned that soon there won’t be any local content on our radio stations or coming from our music devices.

Tame Impala cream magazine

It just doesn’t add up. With psychedelic rock gods Tame Impala ruling the roost, not to mention the chart-topping global phenomenon that is Sia, plus the great dance music that is emerging locally, it’s not that there isn’t great pop music out there. But much of the time, it’s the smaller, independent radio stations and media that are out there championing it.

Getting our talent out to as many people as possible should remain the aim of everyone involved in the Australian music industry. And, who knows, we might just find that what we have is worth its weight in gold. Platinum, even.  Chris Prindiville

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