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Interior Secrets coffee table @2x

There is an episode of Seinfeld where Kramer gets the bright idea to create not only a coffee table book “about coffee tables” but one that has legs which pop out and can actually make the book stand as a coffee table. Genius! His idea may not have gone gangbusters but it certainly shed light on the fact that the coffee table, once a humble piece of furniture, is now very much the centre of attention in the living room.

If you’re looking for a coffee table that truly stands out, look no further than Interior Secrets who have dozens of unique designs, suited for any décor aesthetic. Like the rustic ‘Johana’ table, pictured, which ought to lend a touch of nature to any living room.

Interior Secrets side tables

Interior Secrets also boast an array of awe-inspiring side tables for the bedroom (or any room, really) that play with shape, colour, material and texture. Choose from an amazing range, like Scandinavian square style (above left), the Marcos table oak (centre) or the Johansen nest of lamp tables in vibrant orange (right).

Whatever your tastes or desires, Interior Secrets have something special in store. Visit their site at

Visit their site at www.interiorsecrets.com.au to view a whole lot more!  Lisa Andrews

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