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Beauty Spot (Review): Schwarzkopf Professional OSIS+ Session Label Salt Spray & Molding Paste

Schwarzkopf Professional OSIS+ Session Label Products @2x

WHAT: Schwarzkopf Professional OSIS+ Session Label Styling Products. DESCRIPTION: Schwarzkopf is a brand synonymous with quality hair products – and it has been for decades while consistently managing to keep up with trends and upkeep requirements in the contemporary age. Welcome, then, the OSIS+ Session Label, a sleekly packaged range of styling products specifically formulated to dry instantly, provide desired results, and leave your hair feeling weightless but voluminous. I tried the Session Label Salt Spray followed by the new Molding Paste and the results are pretty much as promised. THE VERDICT: Just a couple of spritzes of the salt spray was applied to damp hair, left to dry a little, then a pinch of molding paste rubbed between palms then blended into the salt-sprayed locks. The results: yep, light and voluminous as expected! A subtle sheen and appealing texture. COST: Prices start at RRP $26.95 per product in the range. AVAILABLE: For stockists, phone 1800 251 887 or for more information visit www.schwarzkopf.com.au. SOCIAL MEDIA SELFIE OPPS: #sessionlabel #SKPsuperheroes.  AT

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