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Delta Goodrem gets slap on the wrist for being "irresponsible" in Apple ad

Delta Goodrem @2x

Tut-tut, Delta Goodrem. It’s not enough that the girl’s been told off for jumping up and dancing about too much during blind auditions on The Voice, now she’s being scolded for flailing about with arms in the air in the driver’s seat of a moving car with “no seat belt on”.

Delta, along with tech giant, Apple Entertainment, were criticised this week by the Advertising Standards Board for a recent advert in which the singer “moves around in a motor vehicle with no clearly visible safety belt” and placing her head and arms outside the moving car.

The advertising watchdog says the ad “does not promote safe driving” and that Goodrem is setting a bad and illegal example, while Apple insists its ad doesn’t breach advertising codes.

“The advertisement under complaint does not depict, endorse or otherwise encourage any activities contrary to prevailing community standards on health and safety,” says Apple, adding: “The individuals in the vehicle were both wearing lap seat belts at all times while the vehicle was being driven, and the advertisement does not contain any images suggesting otherwise.”

The argument lies in the fact that no lap seatbelts are actually visible.

It’s ironic this brouhaha has come about since in a Cream interview of several years back, Delta told the magazine she might have ADHD and that “I’m quite hyperactive… I’m always dancing around, and you’ll never not see me talking away”.

In the same interview she tells Cream, “I’m switched on with technology but I don’t get much satisfaction from it. I still like putting CDs into my stereo. I enjoy looking at the artwork, reading the thank-you notes. I enjoy my CD collection… but I also love my iTunes.”

Let’s hope she’s not reading those sleeve-notes whilst listening to music and dancing about without a seatbelt, or it could mean more than just a slap on the wrist next time.  Antonino Tati

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