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Goodbye double chin: an absolute difference in just a few weeks


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“Take a long, hard look at yourself.”

It’s a line we hear a lot of in life, if only in the melodramatic scenes of soap operas and over-the-top debacles on the big screen. But it’s a suggestion I’ve never taken heed of myself. Like, literally considered and actually gone and done.

Even when I was a teenager, during those ‘introspective’ years when one is supposed to find themselves staring in the mirror, practising ‘hellos’ and ‘how ya doings’, flicking their hair while trying to look cool, calm, collected and, yes, attractive; even then I barely stared at my reflection for longer than 30 seconds.

Now that I’m 40-plus years old, I decided it was high time to take that long, hard look. This was two-and-a-half months ago, when I was shifting things around in my bedroom – the mirror being the first thing I went to dust off and shift. And that’s when I noticed it. The double chin.

Perhaps not wanting to ever face it was one of the reasons I never took that “long, hard look”, hoping that my fair, and fairly decent, genes would see me through to at least middle age. But no, come that double-take, there it was again. That. Double. Chin.

Scientifically known as buccula, the double chin is something most people growing into their 40s and 50s cannot avoid. A common concern amongst mature folk, it is caused by the natural design of ageing, can be influenced by genetics, and can certainly have something to do with our diet. Still, no matter how well one eats or regularly one exercises, the fullness in this area eventually arrives, and usually won’t go away. Ultimately it makes an individual feel as though they look older, heavier and less appealing than they actually are.

Enter the gods of cosmetology and science, and a relatively new procedure known as ‘Belkyra’, whose active ingredient – when injected below the chin – helps reduce fat, resulting in a more countered neck profile and more appealing jawline.

When I first came across an article about Belkyra, I could hardly believe what I was reading: that this quick-and-easy injectable treatment could be done in less time than a lunch hour (15-20 minutes on average per treatment) and that the side effects were very minimal, if any.

I was asked to take a digital photograph of the side of my face, and a photo head-on, and to send these to the good doctor at Absolute Cosmetic Medicine so as to give him an idea of my profile and what he would be working with. ‘Work’, by the way is a term I’ve used here but probably shouldn’t since there’s hardly any work that needs doing. I mean this procedure is so simple, so quick and easy, and the effects so rapidly visible that it hardly even falls into the category of invasive procedure. Hence, I’m going to call it ‘cosmetic enhancement’. Indeed, it’s about as fast and effective as a Botox injection, only in a different area of the face, of course.

My initial consultation included a brief conversation with Dr Glenn Murray whom I found to be very approachable, personable and helpful with any questions I had. Of course I wanted to know: (a) if there were any side effects to the procedure, (b) if it would actually work and if so, (c) how long the positive results would last. To answer those three Qs: (a) the only side effect would be a little swelling for a few days to a week or two after the injections; (b) a history of very content clients proves the procedure does work (just look at the results below); and (c) great news! – once the desired results are achieved re-treatment is not expected since the results are maintained for at least four years. Too good to be true? You’re darn right it’s too good, but also very true.


Before Belkyra Treatment.

Before Belkyra Treatment.


So, how simple is the procedure? First, a nurse draws a temporary ‘grid’ across the chin, indicating which points are to be injected with deoxycholic acid – that key ingredient which will help remove the fat. Next, ice is applied to that area of the chin to make it nice and cold and ready to take several points of the needle. After about a minute of holding the ice, the nurse then begins to administer the product. Sure, there’s a moderate stinging sensation at first, but with a delicate pad of the ice bag, that quickly goes away. In total, the treatment took around 10 minutes – even less than I’d originally read about.

After Belkyra Treatment.

After Belkyra Treatment.

Immediately after the procedure, my chin felt a little warm and swollen, which is completely normal and as can be expected. A few hours later and the swelling is already subsiding with no one even noticing I’d had anything ‘done’.

While the swelling comes and goes for a few days, within a week it’s pretty much all gone except for a bit of a lump – about the size of a 20-cent piece – which soon enough disappears completely.

I’m asked to come in for a second consult, four weeks after my initial treatment. Here, the nurse and I notice amazing results when we look at the before and after photographs, but she suggests I get a second round of treatment just to walk away really impressed. This time around the procedure is an even easier breeze. A few more pricks of that trusty needle? Big deal!

This time around the swelling goes down in less than a week.

It’s now two months after my first Belkyra treatment, four weeks after my second and final one. My double chin is no longer visible. I feel confident; I feel content. And I’ve taken a second long, hard look in that mirror.

Without wanting to sound like a vain little b… oh, what the heck, I look and feel great, and would strongly recommend this amazing procedure to anyone. Five stars for fabulous results.  Antonino Tati


This procedure was conducted at Absolute Cosmetic Medicine, Building 2 / 21 Stirling Highway, Nedlands.

For more information on Belkyra visit www.absolutemakeover.com.au or phone (08) 6316 6068.

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