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Look what they made her do…

Taylor Swift still from Look What You Made Me Do @2x

Oh, the woes of the rich and famous. It’s not enough they have to put up with trolling from punters online (and there are just as many critics out there as there are fans); they also have to contend with celebrity competition, dissing one another in full public view.

In the latest music clip by Taylor Swift, for her single Look What You Made Me Do, TS looks like subtly hitting back at a host of celebs who have done her wrong in the past.

Within the first minute, we see Swift lying in a tub full of jewels, her finger suspiciously shaped like a gun, along with a gun reference in the lyrics – very much likely a swing at Kim Kardashian since the scene connotes her robbed-at-gunpoint-while-in-the-bathtub story of one year ago.

Taylor Swift Kim Kardashian connotation

There are also aesthetic swipes at Kanye West (Taylor on a throne posing a la Kanye), Miley Cyrus (swinging in a cage like Miley did in Can’t Be Tamed), Madonna (a muscle car wrapped around a pole like Madge showed in What It Feels Like For A Girl), Rihanna (various hairstyles), Katy Perry (pussycat masks and scenes akin to Perry’s clips), Beyoncé (several dance moves), and ex-lover Calvin Harris (note one of Taylor’s pseudonyms on a tombstone – the same name used in a song co-written with Harris that later they had a huge debacle over).

Taylor Swift Beyonce connotation

In short, this clip is pure shade. It is however shot and edited in such a shiny and slick manner that it could have come from anyone of the aforementioned culprits victims drama queens.

Have fun trainspotting.  Antonino Tati


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