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Tea for Tu and Tu for Tea

79Tu 01 @2x

In this health-conscious age, even the humble brew is something to fuss over.

Getting in on the act is 79Tu, who have recently brought out a range of sophisticated-sounding – and stunningly tasting – blends.

If the brand’s turmeric and organic cacao blend is anything to go by, then 79Tu is on to a winner with its new product line.

While turmeric might be associated with traditional medicine and the occasional bit of exotic cooking, here its strong flavour is kept in check by the nutty hit of the cacao. And for those with a sweet tooth, the blend’s chocolatey tones are sure to appeal.

79TU 02 @2x

Serious tea and coffee drinkers might find it all a bit too sweet, writing it off as a hot chocolate rather than the real deal. But to these taste buds, what is so exciting about this blend is that it operates somewhere in between these two worlds.

So, if you like your hot chocolate with a bit more bite, or your coffee and tea with a little bit less, then the 79Tu turmeric and cacao blend might just be what you’re looking for.  Chris Prindiville


79 Tu’s range of blends is available from www.79tu.com.au.

79Tu Chocky @2x

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