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Young Sheldon @2x

Fans of The Big Bang Theory will get an extra helping of everyone’s favourite fractious physicist Sheldon Cooper (albeit in pint-sized form) when the spinoff show, Young Sheldon, premieres later this year.

Focusing on Sheldon’s childhood days spent growing up in East Texas, the show will have the rest of the Cooper family along for the ride, including mentioned but never before seen older brother, George Cooper Jr., and Sheldon’s presently deceased father, George Cooper. There’s also the younger version of Sheldon’s arch-nemesis and twin sister, Missy, as well as his frequently featured mother, Mary.

Judging by the new trailer, fans will get to see Sheldon’s burgeoning atheism take shape against his religious surroundings – only Sheldon could turn a mealtime blessing into a lecture on hand hygiene. And having adult Sheldon (played by Jim Parsons) voice the trailer serves as a nice way of bringing the two shows together.

young sheldon

Australian fans might have to wait a bit longer for a chance to see what adventures await young Sheldon, but until then, the series that started it all will more than make do.  Chris Prindiville


Check out the latest trailer for ‘Young Sheldon’ above.


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