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5 Ways to Eliminate Dark Spots

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Dark spots on your face affect your skin tone and complexion. An uneven skin tone is irritating and frustrating for a lot of people. Dark spots are usually caused by pimples, blackheads or whiteheads (acne). There are certain effective ways to get rid of the dark spots. Here are some tips to follow and get your even skin back.


01.    Cleanse your skin on a daily basis

Cleansing your skin reduces accumulation of skin oils which cause pimples leading to dark spots. It also gets rid of dead skin cells on your skin. Throughout the day your skin is covered with bacteria, dirt and dead skin. A build up of these causes dark spots. Use a cleansing brush as it is more effective than cleansing with your fingers. This needs to be done every day even as you play online pokies daily.


02.    Apply lemon juice on dark spots

Lemon juice is known as a natural remedy for dark spots.  It has some acids which have skin lightening effect. The vitamin C in lemon juice will remove all the dark spots, acne and scars of your skin. Get fresh lemons, squeeze the juice into a clean container and use cotton to rub your face with it. Leave your skin to dry for few minutes and wash your face with warm water.


03.    Use sunscreen

Sunscreen helps to protect your skin and also gets rid of the dark spots. It contains SPF which protects skin from harmful UV rays which cause dark spots. Wearing sun screen on a daily basis for 30 days can even your skin tone.


04.    Use Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera or Aloe Vera lotion protects your skin from dark spots causing bacteria. It prevents pimples, lightens scars and dark spots. Use Aloe Vera twice a day for perfect results. You have to apply it even if you have a busy day at work, partying or playing games, visit www.rsaonlinecasinos.co.za for more information.


05.    Wash your face before you sleep

Most dark spots are a caused by sleeping with makeup or with skin oils and dirt built up during the day. Therefore, freshening up skin in the night protects it from harmful skin bacteria.

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