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Berlei Bra Ad Banned @2x

Once upon a time, burning the bra was seen as a provocative act. But in 2017, it seems that just looking at a bra is too much for us to handle.

Well, that is the reasoning behind social media big wigs Facebook and Instagram’s decision to ban an underwear commercial on their respective platforms.

The official line was that the 45-second commercial, which depicts various women trying on bras, was rejected out of “fear of potential offence to the community”.

Berlei, the company behind the ad, have come out in defense of the video, stating that the ad was designed to “highlight the daily realities women have with their breasts in an honest and authentic way. Like the bra itself, the ad was designed to empower women to care for and invest in themselves”.

Moral sensibilities aside, surely the least offensive option is to let the people decide for themselves. I think we can handle that.  Chris Prindiville


Check out Berlei’s ad above and see what you think.

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