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Coopers Vintage Ale @2x

When it comes to style, old school has become new again.

And when it comes to beer, that vintage look, feel, and – most importantly – taste has become the in-thing.

This approach to brewing, which looks for volume in flavour rather than in sales, has always been a hallmark of the craft beer industry, but now the big boys are after some of that retro cool.

Not one to miss out on such an opportunity, Coopers, one of Australia’s biggest and most iconic brewers, has just released its 2017 Extra Strong Vintage Ale.

Distinguished by its crimson-red colour and full-bodied taste, this unique, limited release is sure to give the senses a good workout.

But at the end of the day, it’s all about the taste, and with the Cooper’s Vintage Ale, drinkers are in for a treat, with the malt, honey and dry nut flavours something to well and truly savour.

So if you are after something with a bit more depth, then the Cooper’s Vintage Ale might just be the drop for you.  Chris Prindiville


The Cooper’s 2017 Extra Strong Vintage Ale is available now at major liquor outlets across Australia. 

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