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The MANE event: A chat with MANE frontwoman Paige Renee Court

MANE cream magazine @2x

MANE are an Australian outfit whose roots sound more embedded in classic folk, blues and rock. Oh, and a bit of dance/groove.

Fronted by singer Paige Renee Court, the outfit’s latest single What If The Love Dies is beautiful, moody and fierce all at once. The song is accompanied by an astounding, mind-bending clip that is half shot / edited upside down. Catch the clip above.

This month, MANE tour Australia.

Here, Paige Renee Court chats with Cream about artistic integrity and kooky aesthetics.

Interview by Antonino Tati.


Your music under the banner of ‘MANE’ is a fairly unique blend -whose influence might you hear weaving in and out of MANE’s music?

I’ve always listened to a broad range of music but I guess I definitely have a bit of Lorde and Florence influence in my stuff, especially [with them] being two artists I deeply respect and am a huge fan of.


There’s an indelible groove to your new single ‘What If The Love Dies’ and yet the lyrics hold a certain pessimism, particularly the list bit where you sing you’re ‘sick’ of this and that. Do you think we’re living in an era of frankness and brutal honesty in pop culture more than was expressed in the past?

I think that there is definitely a lot more brutal honesty in lyrics these days. People are getting so specific rather than generalising an emotion or experience and I think that’s really exciting. Love is definitely a big influence in the songwriting world but when you can get really specific about a certain aspect of something and have it resonate with people, that’s when it’s extra special. That’s something I want to strive to do more within my music.


The video for ‘What If The Love Dies’ is awe-inspiring. I’m loving the blindfold look on you. Have you ever performed on stage wearing a blindfold?

Never! Not until this clip. It was a fun and weird experience. I was actually scrolling through my camera roll on my phone the other day and found a video of us taking off our blindfolds after about an hour of continuously having them on and there was so much relief to have our bearings about us again.


There was a drummer in Wolfmother who used to perform in a blindfold… Would you say artists today need to keep challenging the norm aesthetically in order to stand out from the crowd, per se, and what do you see MANE doing to stand out from the crowd?

I think that as an artist you can do whatever you really want to do these days, obviously without crossing any inappropriate or offensive lines. But I think for the most part the music will always speak volumes. Personally, when I’m really in love with an artist’s music, what makes me love them even more is when I see them live and they have an incredible stage presence. Sometimes its simple, other times it’s really contrived, but either way I appreciate it and feel more connected. I think that’s important as a performer and I hope to achieve that when I play live.


There’s a lot of upside down scenes in your latest clip. Was it tricky shooting upside down, or were you cheeky and simply flipped the video vertically?

There was definitely some cheeky video effects used in the making of the clip. Kieren Ellis Jones of Crystal Arrow Films is the wiz behind the lens and the editing. He did such a rad job!


What do you love most about festival audiences?

Festivals have a great atmosphere about them and they often give you the opportunity to play to people you haven’t played too before and hopefully find some new followers in the process.


You’re also about to embark on a tour that includes gigs in Melbourne, Adelaide, Wollongong and Sydney. What can we expect from your live shows this time around?

I’ve worked really hard on my live set this year and I’m really excited to be touring again. There will be some old songs, some new songs and of course the single. I’ve got a great band and they help add a lot of energy. Can’t wait!


Since the ethos and aesthetic of ‘What If The Love Dies’ are  kinda spooky, it brings me to the subject of Halloween. What might you be dressing up as for Halloween this year?

Looks like I’ll be in a car en route to the Sydney leg of the tour during Halloween, so this year I guess I’m going as MANE!



Tickets available from https://gasometer.oztix.com.au/?Event=77088

Tickets available from http://www.bit.ly/CatsOct27

Tickets available from http://www.moshtix.com.au/v2/event/mane-supports-tba/97956

Tickets available from https://www.musicglue.com/brighton-up-bar/events/3beb71a0-6077-0135-5379-664640c4859d






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